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Marijuana Field Test False Positive Leads to SWAT-style Raid of Innocent Home Owner’s Basement Lawful Tomato Growing

Leawood family gets some answers about marijuana raid

Bob Harte says police saw them buying hydroponic system for indoor garden

LEAWOOD, Kan. —A Leawood family tried for more than a year to find out why police raided their house looking for marijuana.

The Hartes said they simply wanted to grow a garden in their basement. But on April 20, 2012, Johnson County sheriff’s deputies raided their home.

Bob Harte said deputies forced him to the floor and scared his wife and children that day looking for a marijuana-grow operation.

KMBC’s Cliff Judy reported that the family had a basement garden with hydroponic equipment.

After they filed a lawsuit looking for answers, the Hartes found out that police spotted them buying the hydroponics. Deputies then searched their trash and found green vegetation that registered a false positive for marijuana.

Harte said finally seeing the evidence that led to the search warrant still stupefies him.

“Well, that they would send out this team with assault rifles and a battering ram to take out the front door with really little evidence that wasn’t great evidence,” Harte said.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office won’t comment since the Hartes are planning future legal action.


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