“Failed Evidence” – A must read for all interested in making our justice system better

One of the recurring themes of this blog is the consistent call for meaningful changes in the criminal justice system. TheTruthAboutForensicScience.com bloggers Justin McShane and Josh Lee having been highlighting areas of the criminal justice system that desperately need change for several years now. We are not the only ones. In the book “Failed Evidence: […]

More on fingerprints: What is the permanence of fingerprints?

We have blogged here before on fingerprints as a forensic discipline. Here is an interesting article to think about on fingerprints. Just how durable are they? American Hans Galassi lost several fingers in a wakeboarding accident several months ago. Now one of them has been found in a trout – and identified as Galassi’s from […]

Fingerprints and the idea of uniqueness

Recently published was a thought provoking article about the idea of uniqueness of fingerprints. I thought it was so thought provoking that I have reproduced it here in its entirety. What do you think? Why Fingerprints Aren’t Proof Fingerprint matching is a vital investigative tool. But despite its legendary aura of infallibility, courtroom claims of […]

Are fingerprint identifications merely an opinion?

The short answer to the question to question that is the title of the post is an unequivocal yes! There is a very good article that was published in the Daily Telegraph which is a daily morning newspaper that has a wide distribution primarily in the United kingdom, but also internationally. It is presented here […]

Emerging technology: novel immunogenic method that could recover usable fingerprints from old evidence and difficult surfaces

In what could prove to be a landmark development in forensic science to both law enforcement and for the Innocence Project,  we want to present to you the recent work of Dr Xanthe Spindler of University Technology Sydney. She has published that she has developed a new method of developing what heretofore would be undiscovered […]

Another crime laboratory in danger: US Army

Some folks seem to think that laboratory errors are confined to local laboratories and rouge out-of-control isolated agents who are either sloppy or up to no good. Intuitively, we know this is not true. Laboratories are run by humans. Humans make mistakes. Some humans deliberately lie to get what they want and to keep themselves […]

Unused technology: Fingerprints off Brass Shell Casings due to corrosion

An interesting application of fingerprinting to brass shell casings has developed in the last decade whereby a person’s latent fingerprints may be developed even after discharge or even after being whipped down.  This is due to the acid in our sweat secretions and the corrosion of the metal. The technology and the method exists, but […]

Are fingerprints worthwhile?

Well, I suppose we should talk fingerprints, right? FRICTION RIDGES   Ridges are the raised layers of skin which contain openings for sweat glands and impart characteristics to a fingerprint of an individual. One of the ways to identify a fingerprint is by using the Galton points system which includes the minutiae characteristics of the […]